Structural Breast Reduction

Structural Breast Reduction Creates Beautifully Balanced Breasts How Breast Reduction Surgery May Disappoint Many breast reduction techniques succeed in one way, but disappoint in another way. Virtually any breast reduction technique, when performed by a skilled...

Breast Reduction in Athletes

Powerful benefits can come to women with significant but not massive breast enlargement who are very athletic. In the last few years, breast reduction in athletes is a surgery I have performed in an increasing number done primarily to help women increase their athletic performance and enjoyment of physical activity.

Restore Fullness without Implants

A Breast Lift Technique that Restores Upper Breast Fullness without Implants Many plastic surgeons routinely place breast implants as part of the breast lift (mastopexy) operation. They do this to provide fullness in the upper portion of the breast after surgery. Many...

Structural Mastopexy

The structural mastopexy technique is a great leap forward for breast surgery. As I’ve developed the technique, I’ve expanded its use to a wide range of possibilities including: breast reduction, augmentation-mastopexy, and breast reconstruction.

When to Replace Breast Implants

Today’s breast implants are much more durable than previous generations, and most implants will last for many years before they need to be replaced. If there is a question about whether your implants are intact there are several good ways to evaluate them.